Jesus Global Mission Outreach is a non-profit organization focused on spreading the good news. In obedience to His great commission,
and with a passion for His glory, meeting the needs of the world, for the sake of His name, through Film ministry, Church Planting, Housing for the Homeless,
Feeding the Hungry and Caring for the Sick, meeting Medical needs, building orphanages, and so much more.


Reaching the lost world for Christ Be a Prophetic Voice to the End time Army of God. Train and Equip saints to lead a victorious life and ministry and to help every believer realize and fulfill his calling. Refresh and encourage the weary in the heart of the battlefield of ministry.
Raise a new generation of leaders as a preparation for the forthcoming Revival.
To Teach and Exhort the Body of Christ by conducting seminars on Spiritual warfare, Faith and holiness, Art of praise and worship, Ministry gifts, Evangelism, Excellence of intercession,
Pray and Intercede for our country and world through Fasting & Prayers. Family, The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.
To “Remember the Poor” and support special homes for the old, orphaned and needy.